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And how can you find out where your child is at any particular moment? Probably, the best variant is to trace their smartphone or tablet as teens always carry mobile devices with them anytime and anywhere. Moreover, telling your kids that you know how to trace any cell phone location is very likely to build trust inside your family and take down the vast majority of reasons for them to lie. When you consider these statistics wisely, you will understand that there are many reasons to make sure your kids have phones with them at all times instead of taking it away as an act of punishment.

On the other hand, if you know a smartphone location, you will be able to track their whereabouts, make sure they do not play truant at school and leave no chance to kidnappers. With dedicated parental control app, you will know how to trace a smartphone and follow teens remotely wherever they go.

Also, used wisely, phone tracking feature may help you build a trustful relationship with you children and prevent any possible wrongdoings or inappropriate choices. Moreover, they will be able to call for help in case of emergency. Phone tracking will be helpful for parents' peace of mind as well. We agreed on the matter of monitoring beforehand.

Locate A Phone Number

I chose Pumpic for its accurate phone locator and all-round control of online activities. Not that he was a problem child, but doing what he considered necessary to do. Pumpic suits my goal the best.

How To Track A Cell Phone Location For Free

But after I occasionally found out that my son several times was at the other places than he was supposed to be and, moreover, lied about that while looking straight in the eyes — I decided to install parental monitoring app on his iPhone. Came across Pumpic ad, tried it and stayed with it.

Pumpic is a unique parental control tracking application for iOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

How to Legally Track a Cell Phone

It is for ethical and legal use only. Important notice. Try it Free. Follow the entire route history — what places your kids visited and how they got there. In that case, finding your phone would leave the person chasing you still lacking a physical connection and having to trace something else.

Done right, you can turn the default, "Within feet," into, "Somewhere in this 20 square mile cone. You may also find some success in delaying tracing by using intermediate PBX systems to mask the actual caller. If you have dial-in access to a company's PBX, the trace will stop there and somebody will have to look at logs of associated calls into the system to try and correlate the responsible line.

Important notice

Nest a few of those and you may buy some time. You'll probably still eventually be traced no matter how short the call was, but it will no longer be instant. In addition to Jeff's and Rory's answers, there are some less conventional ways of tracking someone. Not by tracing his phone, but analyzing his call behavior. We would train the system with patterns gathered from statistics which you could get from a cellphone company.

Part 2: Top 5 Free Cell Phone Tracker App by Number

After that we ran test algorithms to see if we could, by just looking at the behavior, id a person if he had changed his phone number. We had successes ranging from percent with I think about 92 percent average. It's not great but with other info you could easily determine who that person actually is and track him further. Even if he decides to change his phone number on a daily basis. It only gets more challenging like in films when the connection goes through multiple exchanges they may need to get the information from the exchange and especially with exchanges in other countries.

Why and How to Trace Location of a Cell Phone?

For mobile phones the issue is the same, but additional complexity comes from there being no wires, but instead a set of handover protocols between cells, providers etc. It can still be done, as the service providers need this information for billing purposes anyway, but it is more time consuming. Mobile phones handover when on, even if not currently in a call, so location information will be available. There are also certain tools which will allow some access to phones when they are off, but these seem to be in the realm of espionage.

Certainly in the UK this should only be available on an as-needed basis to law enforcement or emergency services. I don't really understand why the movies continue to show it this way.

As far as I am aware, I believe phone companies keep logs of all phone numbers called, and given a subpoena, will release to law enforcement the phone number that called you, regardless of how long the caller stays on the line. I don't know why these tools are not available to the public. I imagine that this is likely because the phone company's customers would be upset if these tools were widely available, and so the phone company does not make them available.

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Note that, of course, you can always find out the phone number who is calling you using Caller ID, if the caller has not blocked it. Also, if you operate a toll-free number a number , you can receive the phone number of the caller regardless even if they have blocked caller ID , via ANI information. You cannot prevent a mobile phone number from being traced. You can prevent it from being linked to you personally by buying a "burner phone": i. Note that all calls you place on such a phone can be linked. I would not rely upon this to protect yourself from a dedicated investigation.

I do not advocate criminal activity: I mention this only so you can understand how some criminals operate. You can get extra time by placing one phone to another. Phone A and B is on one desk. You have phone C. Then you call from phone C to phone B and from phone A to target. Phone A and B is on different address. So, when they tracks down phone A, they see, that you are not here Maybe need to modify little bit phone A and B.

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